Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Listen to science fiction poems from Where Rockets Burn Through

The one-woman sci-fi poetry guru, Diane Severson Mori, has published an outstanding review of "Where Rockets Burn Through" and "Spaces of Their Own", on the Amazing Stories website.

It includes a big fat slice of sci-fi poetry recordings from a host of great contemporary poets, which I urge you to listen to RIGHT NOW.

Listen to poems by:

 Jane Irina McKie
 James McGonigal
 Sarah Hesketh
 Andy Jackson
 Simon Barraclough
 Jane Yolen
 Dilys Rose
 Aiko Harman
 Ian McLachlan
Kirsten Irving
Kona MacPhee
Bill Herbert
Andrew James Wilson
Claire Askew
Sue Guiney
Ron Butlin
Pippa Goldschmidt

Russell Jones

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