Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shut me - it's a Morgan fest!

Due to the various encroaching deadlines in my life (including my death) I vowed to only give one lecture/talk/paper/babble crapmajig this year. Turns out I've agreed to give 4. Ooops.

So here they are in chronological order, for your amusement. Do come along if you feel so inclined. Offerings, bribes and human sacrifices are gratefully accepted:

17 February 2011 (9am-4:30pm)
"Planet Wave: A Starry Introduction to The Science Fiction Poetry of Edwin Morgan"
EUSA Postgraduate interdisciplinary conference
Teviot Row House, Edinburgh University

23 February 2011 (5pm-6pm)
"Virtual and Other Realities: Parallel Worlds and Parallel Lives in Edwin Morgan's Science Fiction Poetry"
Edinburgh University Literature Department, Work in Progress Papers
2nd floor, 18 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh University

8-10 April 2011

"Science Fiction, Science Fact and Representing Reality in the Poetry of Edwin Morgan"
British Society for Literatures and Sciences 6th Annual Conference
Homerton College, Cambridge

12 April 2011 (from 6:30pm)

"Desert Island Poems" - Ryan Van Winkle, Harry Giles and me talking about poems and poets
Boardroom, Central Library, Edinburgh

13 April 2011 (from 6:30pm)

Winners of the Genomics Poetry Competition (including myself, I assume) reading their work
Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

Russell Jones