Saturday, 14 May 2016


Last time I posted we were deep in winter, moaning and scowling. Well, cheer up Moany McMoanface, because I've a few updates about goings on and all that...


I've had a very short story published in the York Literary Review, which contains some fine writing which you should go and read! Here's my story (if you enjoy arson, you may like this - you sicko).

Shoreline of Infinity issue 3 is born! With loads of great sci-fi artwork, stories and poetry (from none other than Jane Yolen and Marge Simon!!!)

And some of my poetry found homes:
SpacecraftPress (Jan 2016) – “Birds 1.0” (published as a chapbook)
ScottishMountaineer (Feb 2016) – “Out, Out” - go to page 46 for my poem!
CityWalls (Stanza 2016 Exhibition) – “Signature Piece”
Poetry Planet: Animals and Creatures(Feb 2016) – “The Ant Swap”
Bliza (March/April 2016)- The Insider, The Bang, The Flat Opposite, Apologies to My Body and Hanging Out the Washing at Night (translated into Polish by Wojtek Boros and Kasia Kokowska)
BestScottish Poems 2015 (SPL, online published 2016) – “The First Kiss”
Causeway/Cabhsair (May 2016) – “Abigail”


Shoreline of Infinity have put on 3 more Event Horizons (Edinburgh's sci-fi night) 2 of which were at our new venue: The Blind Poet

It's on the first Monday of each month, at 7:30. Come! Event Horizon 8 is on 6th June and will feature music from the artists of Cat and the Howling Moon, prose from Andrew J Wilson and Caroline Grebbell, and poetry from Jane McKie!

Previous acts you've missed (naughty naughty!) this year have included:


Atzi Muramatsu, Lynsey May, Aileen Ballantyne, Pippa Goldschmidt


Colin McGuire, Dee Raspin, The Dan Collins Band, Arcturus Voyagers


Pippa Goldschmidt, Painted Ocean, Monica Burns, me

Other stuff going on / coming up

I've been busy editing a new anthology of contemporary poems about Edinburgh with the ever talented Claire Askew. 

I've been doing the milk rounds at primary schools across Edinburgh, teaching poetry as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. I've also taught a writing course for LitLong, a really cool literary app which shows you what's been written about the city as you walk around it.

I'll be reading in Kirkcudbright on 20th May, as part of "Seeing Stars" - a new play about romance and science, starring Debbie Cannon and Jonathan Whiteside, written by Noel Chidwick and Pippa Goldschmidt.

Poetry Gang (me, Aileen Ballantyne, Lauren Pope, Jonathan Bay and Marianne MacRae) will be joined by Rebecca Tamas for a once-in-a-daytime poetry extravasomething in Cupar's Ti Amo as part of the Cupar arts festival (23 June, doors 7, start 7:30)

Okay, you're bored, I'm bored - go away (come back soon, I need you!)

Russell Jones