Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Pet Poet Laureate

I've had to stay shtum for a while now, but can finally share some happy news...

I've been chosen as the UK's first ever Pet Poet Laureate! Big thanks to Blue Cross and The Poetry Society for donning me with the laureate crown (I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the post).

This means I'll be writing 10 pet-themed poems over a year, helping to promote the positive impacts of pets on our human lives.

The first poem, "A Tempest" was inspired by a cat (Ella) and her kittens. Ella was abandoned but her kittens were rescued by Blue Cross, and eventually they were all reunited. I was interested to find out that "Ella" actually means "Beautiful fairy" and so I was reminded of Shakespeare's The Tempest and all those cast-aways seeking better lives.

Watch the video of "A Tempest" here!

Find out about Blue Cross here!

Learn more about my role as Pet Poet Laureate here!

Russell Jones