Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Data Dump Award

Hello old friend. Have you been for a dump? I have. A data dump, of course. A ho ho ho. And a poo.

Data Dump is a regular newsletter about science fiction music, poetry and more, lovingly produced by Steve Sneyd. This is the ninth year that he's run a Data Dump Award for sci-fi poetry published in the UK and I'm happy to report that my poem, "After the Moons" won a gold star and took 1st place.

But here is also the information for those fine sci-fi poets who came in 2nd and 3rd. In some cases you can click their names to visit their blogs, sales pages and so on. Enjoy

Russell Jones
"After the Moons"
from "Spaces of Their Own" (Stewed Rhubarb Press)

Joint 2nd
Andrew Darlington / JS MacLean
"Saturn Sigma Trojan Virus" / "Poetry is True Science Fiction"
Handshake 87 / Awen 82

Joint 3rd
Bryn Fortey / JC Hartley / Neil Wilgus
"Chaser and Chased" / "The Enigma Invasion" / "Yellow Dreams"
Bard 129 / Tiger Shark / Yellow Dreams

Russell Jones