Monday, 30 July 2018

Dark Matters - my new SF poetry collection

The wonderful people of Tapsalteerie have published my newest collection of sci-fi poetry! It includes a love poem from Doctor Who to a Dalek, people transforming into horses, a villanelle by Judge Dredd, robotic bees, lizard alien sex, post-nuclear fallout geriatrics and more!

Pick up your copy of Dark Matters from Tapsalteerie, it's just £5!

The special edition of the pamphlet (the first 50 copies) also includes a comic version of my poem, "Whatever Happened to the Blue Whale in 2302AD?" by renowned comic artist, Edward Ross. Here's a brief sample!

And whilst you're here, why not listen to one of the poems from the collection, recorded by Channel7A?   
Listen to JUPITER here.
* Listen to WAGGLEDANCERS here.
* Listen to TO HIS COY DALEK here.

And and I spoke to Colin Waters and Sarah Stewart about all sorts of SF poetry things in this interview at the Scottish Poetry Libary.

Pick up your copy of Dark Matters from Tapsalteerie, it's just £5!

Russell Jones