Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Launching Infinity!

To celebrate the launch of issue 1 of Shoreline of Infinity (a new science fiction magazine from Scotland), we're having a party!

2nd July, from 7:30
Paradise Palms, Edinburgh

We've got sci-fi music from Painted Ocean 
SF poetry from Ryan Van Winkle and Claire Askew
A short story performance by Debbie Cannon

Hosted by my grumpy self, but I'll be on good form because we're having sci-fi cocktails, book sales, art work on display and much more!

Everyone is welcome, and if you fancy dressing up as your favourite sci-fi character nobody is going to stop you!

Russell Jones

Shoreline of Infinity - Issue 1 is GO

It's been quiet here at Jones HQ. I've been collecting nuts with the squirrels, and helping out with Shoreline of Infinity - a brand new sci-fi magazine from Scotland!

Well, issue 1 of Shoreline of Infinity is OUT NOW! At well over 100 pages, it's a steal for just £2.95 (or £12.50 for the first 5 issues as they're released). Get it for your electric booky thing (Kindle or e-reader) here!

Issue 1 includes SF short stories; an interview with Charles Stross; first in a regular column by Steve Green; a story competition; SF Caledonia, with a science fiction story from John Buchan; and reviews of SF books.


The Three Stages of Atsushi, Larry Ivkovich
The Spiral Moon, Alex Barr
Symbiosis, Colleen Anderson
See You Later, M Luke McDonell
The Brat and the Burly Qs, David Perlmutter
Approaching 43,000 Candles, Guy T Martland
Broken Glass, Joseph L Kellogg
TimeMachineStory, Richmond A Clements
Cleanup on Deck 7, Claire Simpson
Space, John Buchan

Non-FictionStory Competition
Interview: Charles Stross
Border Crossings—Steve Green
SF Caledonia—Paul F Cockburn
Meet the Artists
Friends of Shoreline
Become a Friend of Shoreline
Coming up in Issue 2 - includes MultiVerse, science fiction poetry

Russell Jones