Monday, 27 June 2011

Round Robin for Rascals

Have you got children? How very dare you! No doubt they'll be running about causing havoc in the streets as you sit here idly tap tapping at your Microtoff Ap-full Bambino-pod. Just don't have any more, okay?

Well anyway because I love children so much I've been working on a round-robin sound poem for them to spew from their stupid little stupid smiley mouths.

The idea is that one group starts to read the poem and as they move to the next set of words another group begins to read the poem, and so on (depending on how many groups of mini-yous you have locked away). Something like this:

Evil minion group 1:   buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz
Evil minion group 2:   silence

Evil minion group 1: busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy
Evil minion group 2: buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz

The idea is it creates a hive of noise, a little like bees. The more of them the better I suppose: more honey.

Click the picture to make it massive

Russell Jones

Monday, 20 June 2011

Shore Poets - 26 June 2011

I'll be reading alongside poets Jane McKie and Martin McIntyre, with music from Blue Flint.

26 June, 7:45pm - 10:15pm

The Wee Red Bar
Edinburgh College of Art
74 Lauriston Place
Edinburgh EH3 9DF

Day 7: Re-entry

Day 6: Whale

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 5: The Illusionist

This is one of my favourite poems from my "Barracuda" collection

Russell Jones

Day 4: A Poem for Jordan

Okay so I missed a day. Sue me. No, go on, see just how little money you'll get.

It was Jordan Nielson's birthday yesterday so this poem, which I wrote for her when she left Scotland and headed back for Americaland, seems suitable. You can find out more about Jordan and her shenanigans in kid's lit here:

Russell Jones

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 3: Chromosome Medley

This is the poem which won 3rd place in the Genomics Forum Poetry Competition. Click it to enlarge and then use the magnifying glass that appears to get a good old look-see, you kinky git.

Russell Jones

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kiss my face

Could it be Christmas already? Or your birthday, perhaps? What's that? No it's nothing to do with your recent success with the alcoholic nymphomaniac at the office party or a pity gift because you're so adorably lonesome. Though you are.

For the foreseeable future (I give it a week) I'll be posting a poem a day for you to love, hate or be completely indifferent to.

The first one is inspired by a painting (above) by a rather marvelous and strange artist friend of mine, Daniel Young.

(click to  ENLARGE)

Russell Jones

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shhh Wan, it's a library

The AHRC-funded "Poetry Beyond Text" exhibition has kicked off at the Scottish Poetry Library. Berets and bongos are flying, the books are covered in vomit, blood and a little bit of wee.

Come along to the SPL on Wednesday 15th June to hear a menagerie of poets read their work for the "Chinese Whispers" event. The collection is formed by artists and poets who responded to one another's work through their various mediums.

There might be free wine! And fist fights! And me, drinking the maybe-free wine!

Starts at 6pm

Russell Jones