Sunday, 20 May 2012

Renrock Reading

I'll be reading along with some other mere mortals at Cafe Renroc
( on Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, on Friday 25th May. It begins at 7pm. Come.

Russell Jones

Thursday, 3 May 2012

RED10 again

Mr Kevin Cadwallender has assembled a group of super human misfits and degenerates - akin to The Avengers but with less make-up and fewer crime-fighting skills - to read for you potential viewing pleasure. It's in a bar, of course, it has to be in a bar. You need the juice. You parasitic vermin.

Compare him to Tony Stark, perhaps. Or Ash, from Pokemon. Cartoons are your only point of reference, aren't they? Cad is the overlord of "Red Squirrel Press", a publisher (with an odd interest in poetry and red squirrel populations) who has its hands on the Edinburgh poetry scene, among other things. They've published/are about to publish/will publish some day, many of the Poke-poets of Edinburgh town in a series of chapbooks and collections. Drey 4, for example, (buy it here with your metal trading circles, named after a squirrel's 'nest', contains a couple of my own ramblings along with other poets such as Edinburgh poetry-socialite, entrepreneur and general busy-bee Claire Askew.

Anyway, a bunch of people who write words down on paper are reading them out at Perseverance Bar, Edinburgh, June 13th at 7:30. See them here:  then come and give them your prattle and praise


Russell Jones