Saturday, 21 November 2009

Happy Robots

Wednesday 25th November, 5pm, I'll be giving a talk at Edinburgh University (18 Buccleuch Place, 1st floor). It's got rhinos, a song, comics and a computer reading a poem. Do come!

Happy Robots: Technologies and Utopias in Edwin Morgan’s SFP

Ever hopeful, Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poems explore humanity’s ability to progress and survive through its understanding of science and technology. Morgan utilises everything that Sci-fi can throw at us, from talking particles to a Christmas card-writing computer, in order to explore human nature and our hopes for the future. Pessimistic critics might call his optimism na├»ve, but Morgan’s confidence in the potential of the human race is as infectious as a nanovirus. Put on your space boots, take a good lung full of O2 and empty your colostomy bag as we venture in to Morgan’s utopias, digesting and exploring the concept that science is not only progressive but utterly imperative for the survival of our species.

Russell Jones