Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Plod Cast

Hear Ryan Van Winkle interview myself and Sophie Cooke on the Scottish Poetry Library pod cast. Do it.

Russell Jones

Friday, 8 April 2011

Science Pestival

Fat and lazy as we all are, I'm sure we'd like more time to waste shovelling corn down our gullets and fraternising with daytime crapavision.

Well, since I work in a school I get school holidays so can do exactly that. Ha! You and your stinking "real job" suck. Bet you feel really stupid now, don't you, Thicko McJob?

Sadly I seem to have filled my man hours with "things" involving "people" and "stuff". Mainly because it's International Science Festival (http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/) time here in Edinburgh. So here is a list of things (that you won't give a pigeon foot about but) I am involved in next week:

12 April (6:30-9:30pm, if you believe it), "Desert Island Poems"
Me, Ryan Van Winkle, Harry Giles and Peggy Hughes talk about our favourite poems and poets at the Central Library boardroom, Edinburgh

13 April (6:30pm-infinity), "Genomics Forum Poetry Competition"
Myself and Sophie Cooke (who won the competition, damn her) will read our winning/runner-up (damn me) poems to the public at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

14 April (6-7:30pm) "Nothing but the Poem (science fiction poetry)"
Lilias Fraser hosts a group discussion on sci-fi poems, of which I've been enlisted (payment in wine and Pringles) to offer my tuppence at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

Also watch the skies (or this site) for my SPL Podcast on science fiction and science in poetry, due to be broadcast soon. It was a 30 minute interview but likelihood is my segment will be 30 seconds because I kept swearing and/or giggling like a little school girl.

Peace, wimp

Russell Jones