Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm an editor, get me out of here!

I get some weird emails as an editor. People telling me their life story, how they don't think their writing's any good but thought I might like it, how brilliant they are (followed unanimously by a totally pish poem/story), or just saying nothing at all or calling me by another name. Here are some tips, writerly folks: 

1) Say hello 

2) Keep it brief but polite

3) Don't put yourself down or big yourself up too much 

4) Follow the guidelines

(and preferably, but not absolutely: 

5) show some interest in the publication 

6) get my name right)

Here's an example of what I might send:

Dear X

Having recently read and enjoyed YOUR THING, I thought I'd send MY THING for consideration for publication in YOUR THING.

I hope you enjoy my work (brief bio below - if they asked for one) and look forward to reading the next YOUR THING.

Many thanks,