Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blog at the same time!

Mairi Sharratt leads another blogging project but this time it's ruddy international!

Yep moaners (poets) from "AROUND THE GLOBE" are all blogging at the same time, on the theme of "A Broken Conversation"

My effort is posted below (a little late, I was sleeping...), see the other bloggers' work on their sites:
Roger Santiváñez 
Cisco Bellavista 
Jesús Ge Ana Pérez
 Cañamares Felipe
 (Marta R. Sobrecueva) 
JoAnne McKay 
Rachel Fox 
Alastair Cook 
Scottish Poetry Library
(and Mairi:

The Bang

Alice:   Pretty naked, pretty fast. For the sake of staying positive, call me Alice.

Atlas:   And me, Atlas.

Alice:   Pleased to meet you at last. So this is magnetism. Can I ask -?

Atlas:   Oh, do.

Alice:   What are we doing here?

Atlas:   You shouldn’t assume –

Alice:   You’re right of course.

Atlas:   We’re on course

Alice:   For what?

Atlas:   The truth is in the name. Not Hadron, but Collider. We’re set for, done for.

Alice:   But we’ve this time at least.

Atlas:   Yes but be quick about it.

Alice:   Can we kiss?

Atlas:   We can collide.

Alice:   That doesn’t sound entirely romantic –

Atlas:   ah but there’s romance in frantic creation and creation is what I’m all about

Alice:   Has it always been? You seem something of an opportunist

Atlas:   I am.

Alice:   I suppose great times –

Atlas:   Require great measures. Come closer, my sweet Alice.

Alice:   I’m not sure I’ve anything for you.

Atlas:   I adore you.

Alice:   Well perhaps –

Atlas:   Perhaps -

Alice:    Perhaps.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Big Brother is under your bed thinking bad things

There's a completely genius website that analyses the language of another website and tells you various things about its author.

Obviously I tried it on my own blog.

Turns out I'm a 50 year old woman who is "happy".

I wish.

Try it on your own favourite site:

Russell Jones