Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Agents: assemble!

I'm putting on my Smug/Happy Writer hat. How grand it looks, how heavy it feels!

It's been a sharknado of literary excitement at JonesHQ the past couple of months. Following the shortlisting of my YA novel, The Talkersfor the Half the World Global Literati Award, I've been interviewed in The Times and had some juggernaut publishers and agents tapping on my windows with bags of breadcrumbs.

And I'm most chuffed to share this top drawer news: I'm now represented by United Talent Agency, who have their thumbs in so many pies that they're banned from Greggs The Bakers and have a restraining order from Mr Kipling.

Best of all, I'll be represented by these three amazing agents, across sky and ocean, tarmac and Toblerone: Juliet Mushens on bass (aka: literary things); Mary Pender and Jason Richman on trombone (aka: film/screen adaptations).

If you think you'd be interested in The Talkers or my fiction more generally, you can find their contact details here. And now I can use that hot chestnut of a phrase: "talk to my agent(s)".

Adieu, time to polish the hat.

Russell Jones

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