Thursday, 24 September 2015

Over the Line: Poetry Comics

You, yeh you there! YOU! You've done it now haven't you? You've really gone and done it. What a first class plonker you really are. You've totally gone Over the Line...

Feast your corneas on this beauty! An anthology of poetry comics, edited by the immovable Tom Humberstone and the unstoppable Chrissy Williams.

It's all about poetry comics (not to be confused with comic poetry - ho ho ho) and features work from some mighty fine artists and writers, including Bill Herbert, Amy Key, Chris McCabe, Anna Saunders and many more. Here's a little sample, suck it in!

The anthology also includes a comic of my sci-fi poem "Whatever Happened to the Blue Whale in 2302AD?" which is about folks living in a future ruined by our waste and pollution. It's illustrated by the super talented one-man comic cyborg Edward Ross who has done a top notch job with my meager morsels of words. Looky!

So, in brief, if you like comics or poetry, or both, buy this book. Buy it now. It's beautiful and sexy, much like your mum. Christmas is coming, you know what to do... BUY IT HERE

Russell Jones

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