Thursday, 24 September 2015

Emma Press Anthology of Age

Emma's been busy. Very busy. Take a look at this pretty website, with its tufts of grass and hotheaded bulls and sloths having picnics. This website is pretty much like an afternoon inside my noggin, but online.

Anyway enough of that. Emma's brought out a new anthology of poems about age, edited by all-round ace, Sarah Hesketh. An important topic, as we all spiral towards it unwillingly. What has poetry to say on the matter? Well, you'll have to buy a copy to find out, won't you?! Otherwise, you're heading to your pension on autopilot, blind to the truth of your fragility on this mortal rollercoaster.

The anthology includes work from some very awesome poets including Aileen Ballantyne, Clare Best, Robert Hamberger, Holly Hopkins and many more (33, all told - that's your favourite number, isn't it?)

It also includes two poems by Russell Jones, some hairy rapscallion from Edinburgh. One is about dementia, and is a response to the picture pasted (by Edinburgh-based artist, Daniel Young) at the top of this blogpost. The other is about an old guy during Hurricane Bawbag (which translates, for the non-Scottish folk among you, as 'ball bag' - cute.)

So, if you know someone old, or someone who is getting old, I'd recommend checking this out. It could be a matter which makes the difference between life and death...! (PS: it probably won't be)

Russell Jones

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