Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Reviews reviews reviews

Writers are egotistical beasts, always on about me me me. Well I'm the worst of them all. Just look at this blog, it's entirely posts ranting on about moi. Disgusting.

So, here are some reviews (which I wrote, yes me, Russell Jones) of OTHER PEOPLE'S POETRY. You can even check out the poets' blogs or sales pages (in most cases), if you're that kind of person. Follow the links, comment, fornicate -

Click the poet's name to see their blog.
Click the book title to see my review.

Opening the Ambulance Box: Andrew Phillips' The Ambulance Box” (2012)

A Home Run? Willis Barnstone’s Stickball on 88th Street“ , The Istanbul Review, Issue 1(2012)

Separating the Pieces: The Cento, A Collection of Collage Poems edited by Theresa Malphrus Welford”, The Istanbul Review, Issue 1 (2012)

Evenlode: Charles Bennett”, Elsewhere, (September 2013)

This is Yarrow: Tara Bergin”, Elsewhere (October 2013)

Muscovy: Matthew Francis”, Elsewhere (December 2013)

LeafGraffiti: Lucy Burnett”, Elsewhere (March 2014)

Locustand Marlin: JL Williams” (March 2014) 

ProfessorHeger's Daughter: Chrissie Gittins”, Elsewhere (April 2014)

Russell Jones

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