Friday, 16 July 2010

Blog Project

Cast your mind back to your earliest memory. Is it my previous post about a blogging project between a bunch of desperado poets? If not then your life obviously has too many "meaningful experiences" in it and must be extinguished. I suggest bleach.

Anyway the time has come to actually make the post. Here's how it works:

1) The director of the project sends all the poets the same word. The word was "swear"
2) The poets quit their day time jobs in pursuit of the word, excluding their loved ones, not washing, shivering in the darkness. So nothing different to usual, other than this...
3) The poets write something based on....the word!

True genius. Well the picture above is my attempt, and a ruddy good one it is too. If you have any inkling of aesthetics or intellect then you'll surely love it. Tell your mum about it before I do.

I also wrote a more conventional sort of thing after seeing a burger producer claiming that its edible atrocities were the "f*cKING best" or something equally subtle. It's pasted below.

As a nod to the fellow wordwhores involved, there are also links to each of their blogs. They're all meant to have posted by 10am today (Saturday 17th August)

(PS: the dots aren't meant to be in this poem but I can't fathom how to put the gap in-between the sections, so imagine they're invisible with your imagination skills)

Obscene Publications

sh*t in the toilet lid

c*nt in for money

w*nk in unsophisticated flirtation

who*e in the complete package

p*ss in salt ‘n’ vinegar

fu*k in hip gyration to beats

co*k in sausage factory

b*tch in femme

b*oody in messy family planning

c*ap in sore lips

tw*t in an oaf

sl*t in looking through a narrow gap

And the list of poets:

Mairi Sharratt - A lump in the Throat

Caroline Mary Crew - Flotsam

Colin Will - Sunny Dunny

Andrew Philip - Tonguefire

Sally Evans - desktopsallye

Kevin Cadwallender - Cadwallender

Claire Askew - One Nights Stanzas

Russell Jones - Russell Jones

Alastair Cook - Written in my hand

Martaerre Sobrecueva - de la poesia y otras disciplinas en palabras

Tony Williams - Tony Williams's Poetry Blog

Russell Jones


  1. Love it - would be a great performance piece.

  2. Nice. ;)

    Re the dots, what you need to do to get rid of 'em is make them the same colour as your template background. That way, they won't be visible and you have the space. It's a ruddy fouter but it works.

  3. Thanks, both

    I tried that, Andrew, but it wouldn't work. Oh well!