Sunday, 4 July 2010

All blogged up

Blogging is an Eden for the socially inept / self-obsessed and that is why poets love to blog. In fact poets love blogging so much that 9/10 of them admitted they would rather drown a bag of puppies than lose their precious blog. A big bag.

Now imagine the possible carnage of a lot of poets all competing for Me Space on a shared blog. You can't, can you? Well now you don't have to!

Mairi Sharratt, an Edinburgh-based poet, has hatched a child-beatingly-evil and devious plot to have poets all write their thoughts and feelings about a chosen issue at once. Here is a short post about it:

The project includes such poetic talent as:

Sally Evans

Kevin Cadwallender
(the man has no blog...and he calls himself a poet, pah!)

Alastair Cook

Claire Askew

And, no doubt, many others. Of course, being the miserable self-gratifying eye gouge that I am, I'll also be taking part.

Spish and tittle.

Russell Jones