Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Multiverse: an international anthology of science fiction poetry

If you're interested in international sci-fi with a poetic twist, you're in luck! Introducing, Multiverse: an international anthology of science fiction poetry.

This anthology includes over 170 poems by 70 international writers. It was edited by me and Rachel Plummer, published by Shoreline of Infinity.

If you order before the official launch date (early December 2018) you can get a discount, as well as helping to support this important book and its publisher.

All the details are here:

It includes poetry by:

Joel Allegretti
Claire Askew
Rosemary Badcoe
Aileen Ballantyne
David Barber
Juanjo Bazan
James Bell
F. J. Bergmann
Jenny Blackford
Brianna Bullen
Joyce Chng
May Chong
Peter Clive
Cribbins Cribbins
Gray Crosbie
Irene Cunningham
Rishi Dastidar
Sarah Doyle
David Eyre
Nathan Fidler
Karin L Frank
Harry Josephine Giles
Kim Goldberg
Pippa Goldschmidt
Vince Gotera
Caroline Hardaker
A. D. Harper
Cat Hellisen
Alex Hernandez
April Hill
Alisdair Hodgson
Diontae Jaegli
Paddy Kelly
Chris Kelso
Mandy Macdonald
Marianne MacRae
James McGonigal
Jane McKie
Ian McLachlan
Vincente Luis Mora
Josh Pearce
Jeda Pearl
Rachel Rankin
Sofia Rhei
Jennifer Lee Rossman
Ben Roylance
Lorraine Schein
Lawrence Schimel
Finola Scott
John W Sexton
David Shultz
Marge Simon
Mark Ryan Smith
Paige Smith
Marija Smits
James Spence
Sarah Stewart
Fyodor Svarovsky
Alice Tarbuck
Rosamund Taylor
D.F. Tweney
Tamara Walker
Tru Welf
Richard Westcott
Hamish Whyte
Andrew Wilson
Jenny Wong
D.A. Xiaolin Spires
Jane Yolen

Russell Jones

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