Friday, 4 December 2015

A poem for Christmas?

Hark! The angels sing... of pain and loss and inadequacy in the face of tragedy!

Here's a winter scene from my recent full poetry collection, The Green Dress Whose Girl is Sleeping (Freight Books, 2015).

Order a copy here, spread the Christmas cheer! Everyone likes a fish in their stocking.

Heading to the Corner Shop on a Winter’s Day

The air shattered
in a scream which I followed, pounding,
and found a woman lying
snow-angel still on the ice
repeating, half choking, half heaving,
my baby, my baby –

Two men lifted her forward, slowly
unfastened the sling from her shoulders, held her
away from the crushed sack of limbs
as we telephoned.

It was something none of us could take
or leave, so we stood
together, separate
in a limbo of stillness and dread
until the useless immediacy of the ambulance arrived
and we were relieved.

Russell Jones

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