Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Caboodle Reviews

A little more than a month since its publication, Caboodle (a 6 poet, 6 pamphlet collection from Prole Books) has received a few reviews! 

It's an eclectic anthology, full of misery and life and hope and despair. Check out what a few reviewers have said, and buy a copy here:

"a collection of poets for everybody [...] gives you a hunger to read more poetry"
 Melanie Hayden-Williams, Black Hearted Love
Read the review here

"A rewarding anthology"
- Becky Varley Winter, Sabotage Reviews
Read the review here

"a first class introduction to some of the best English language poetry that is being written today"
- David Sabacchi

"desperate, desolate, disheartening, frightening."
- Dr Jacques Coulardeau
Read the review here

Russell Jones

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