Friday, 16 August 2013

Publications Update

Hark! In a futile effort to promote some of the books and magazines and so on that my work has appeared in more recently, here is a pretty mundane list for you to ignore. However, many of them are probably worth checking out. Good toilet reading, bed reading, reading reading. Get reading!

This site will also undergo a bit of a makeover soon, even its mother thinks its lazy and has let itself go a bit. So check back soon to experience the marvels of "subsections" and "different colours". Add some spice to your life.

Recent-ish publications include:

Cambridge Library “Poem a Day” booklet 2012 (March 2012) and online with audio– “The Elephant Wash”
New Writing Scotland: 30 (2012) - “Down on the Beach”, “The Flat Opposite”
The Istanbul Review (2012) - “God Has Still Not Appeared to the Birds”
Poetry Planet: Animals and Creatures (2013) – “The Ant Swap”
KaffeeKlatsch (2013) – “Night Camp”
Octavius Issue 2 (2013) – “Last Stop”, “Sum Total”
In on The Tide (Dunbar Wee Festival of Words, 2013) – “Request”
Harbour (Dunbar Wee Festival of Words, 2013) – “Old Man of the Sea”
And Other Poems (2013) – “Old Man of the Sea”
The Scotsman (3 Aug 2013) – “Blue Planet”
Double Bill (due 2014) – “Judge Dredd”


Russell Jones

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