Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A début of (anti) depressants

How are you feeling? You look a little pasty. A bit pale. Pallid. Put out. Pukey. Perturbed. Sick. Sad. Sedate. Oh that’s just how you always look? Fair enough. Get some sunlight down ya, Nosferatu.

When your Vitamin D levels are back to an acceptable level why not get yourself down to the Scottish Poetry Library (EH8 8DT) on Friday October 19th (6:30-8pm) for the launch of Mairi Campbell-Jack’s double pamphlet extravaganza. There is the sweet and succulent promise of homemade wine! Oh, and poems.

Once you’ve sobered up buy a copy of her book. Go on you cheap skate, buy it. It’s a two-parter about the happy subjects of post natal depression and the breakup of her marriage. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll cry a bit more. Party hats not provided.

Mairi Campbell-Jack’s debut collection, “This is a Poem” is published by Burning Eye Books.

Russell Jones

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