Thursday, 19 May 2011

Manuscripts A-go-go

Since the dawn of my poetry writing "career" I've written X to the power of X poems. Most of them are rubbish.  But like a mushroom on a turd, from the crap pile emerge two decent collections of words.

I've finally put together two manuscripts of poetry which I have written (pretty much) in the past 5 years. But I've no publisher - - see where this is headed? Use yer noggin'

As a lesser form I've sent them off to a few publishing folks in the past and had some mightily fine rejections including "we love this but you're not Welsh". Never have those words hurt so much.

So if you know a publisher who's just dying for mushrooms, send them my way and you can rub my belly. A  FREE sample (the first is free, after that you pay...any way you can) is below, "Barracuda" (a kind of surreal sea-side jaunt):

Click to enlarge. Ohh yeh you like that...

Russell Jones

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