Saturday, 29 January 2011

Eargh, you stink!

Ever wonder why you stink so much? I mean, you wash, right? You use sanitary products. And yet you still reek of failure, self loathing and -worst of all- humanity.

Well maybe it's in your genes. There have been many objections to genetic selection throughout history, though more recently against those freakish (wo)men in white coats who help you recover from cancer but "ought not play god".

Well pah. Pish and pith posh.

Genetic selection has been going on since boy met girl, since dinosaur ate falafel. You're probably selecting which gene carriers won't make it to conception right now, on your filthy pleasure-flannel. Wash out yer eyes! Filth.

And this be the premise of my "3rd place" poem written for the Genomics Forum's poetry competition, which held the theme of "Improving the Human".

The winning and runner up poems can be read on this site:,24368,en.html

and the judges' report here
( - so far as I can tell they're a pretty good bunch.

Russell Jones

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