Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Baby Botherer

If the authorities allow me to spawn I shall name my darlings something that will really hinder them in attaining happiness in their lives. "Abomination" or "Gout", perhaps.

And here are some recent attempts at a brand new (aka: done before) poetic form which I have named "physics motion poetry".

The name even makes me want to hurt myself so you're not alone.

Arsey and pretentious it probably is but the theory is this: Firstly the software used to create it is a physical properties simulator. You mix poo with fans, you get poo on the wall. Mix water with poo, you get wet poo. There's no "poo" option but there ought to be. Secondly it moves, thus the motion part. Lastly I'm calling it poetry and you can't argue with me so nah nah nah naaah nah.

Alternative name: moving poo words

Enjoy or don't.

Russell Jones

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