Monday, 15 March 2010

Visual Prowess

Imagine, if you can, me, bent double, trousers down, teeth gritted, hands clasped pathetically and desperately on a stair banister as I attempt to push fecal gerbils from my raw, unwashed rectum, whining like a pig in a sausage factory...

Now stop. I said STOP.

Imagine, if you can, Edinburgh University's majestic McEwan's Hall in all its finery, the sunlight pouring rainbows through its high stain windows, the pleasant tweet of poets' voices flying through the air, a sense of peace, excitement (I said excitement, not excrement) and ultimate inner fulfilment.

One or more of these will be happening on Thursday Friday 26th March between 7 and 9pm. Details of the latter possible event are given below:

this collection March McEwan Hall showcase: Thursday 25th March 10am – 5pm / Friday 26th March 7pm – 9pm . FREE, all welcome.

See some of our films here:

Poets who'll be reading on Friday 26th from 7-9pm are:

Tom Bristow
Christine de Luca
Hayley Shields
Russell Jones
Andrew C Fergusson
Morgan Downie
Anita John
Andy Philip
Rob A Mackenzie
Aileen Ballantyne
Jane McKie
Chris Lindores
Claire Askew

Russell Jones

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  1. Thanks, Russell!

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