Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half a Millennium of Moronics

In August 2010, whilst lying in the rank sweat of my ensemed bed, stroking the corpse of my social life and giggling maniacally, I committed a most heinous act: I added a "hit counter" to my blog...

Hit me, go on. Oh yeh. Yeh right in the face, go on. Harder. 

Since that empty test of self worth this site has somehow clocked up over 500 visits, which means that there are at least a few people with more time and (possibly) less of a life than me out there in Interenetoland. Thanks mum!

This deserves celebration. Or castration. But let's celebrate first. Have a drink on me. No, really, go on, whatever you like, go and get it. Go on, seriously. 


Well here's a poem about babies on the bus to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Go away.

Russell Jones

1 comment:

  1. 480 of those visits are you. 19 of them are me. 1 is the headmaster.