Educational and entertainment services

Entertainment services

I have substantial experience organising regular live performance events (music, spoken word, art, book launches, interviews and other performances) in Edinburgh and further afield, including at The Edinburgh International Book Festival and Hidden Door Festival. View details of past events here.

If you would like to put on an exciting live event (to a theme if preferred), I can organise a group which offers the following services:
- Readers (poets, prose writers)
- Live music (solo artists, bands)
- Drama, dance, demonstrations
- Hosting / MCing

Prices may vary but a 2 - 2.5 hour event containing 3 readers, a two-part musical set and another performance, plus hosting, costs around £1000.00.

Educational services

As a writer and editor, I have connections with a lot of talented writers (prose, poetry, drama, non-fiction) and educators based in Scotland. I have worked in schools and higher educational institutions (public, undergraduate and postgraduate) for over a decade, and regularly deliver readings, talks and creative writing lessons. I offer the following educational services for poetry, prose and non-fiction (please note, all prices exclude travel costs, which must be covered by the client):

Russell's lessons and visits

Reading (with optional Q/A): £175.00.

Creative writing workshop (up to 2 hours): from £175.00.
Primary school level examples:
- animal stories (prose)
- favourite places (poetry and prose)
- light and happiness (poetry)
- a great voyage (creative non-fiction)

High school level examples:
- creating new worlds (prose)
- sense, memory and emotion in writing (prose and poetry)
- private versus public (poetry)
- reflective writing (non-fiction)
- editing workshops (poetry, prose, non-fiction)

Further education examples:
- identity and place (cognition and mapping)
- improving the human (science fiction)
- plan your novel (prose)
- experiments in form (poetry)
- advice from an editor (poetry or prose)
- writing for young adults and/or children (poetry or prose)

Multi-tutor events

I can arrange for a bespoke group of professional writers to visit your educational centre, delivering readings and/or workshops on a wide range of topics. Writers include poets, prose writers, non-fiction writers, script writers and dramatists.

Fees per tutor (up to 2 hours): £195.00 (plus transport costs).
                                                    Plus £100 per additional hour,

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